Are Dental Implants Age-Restricted? Here Are Some Facts

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a reliable and effective treatment for missing, damaged, or decaying teeth. Some people can also reverse the signs of aging. However, many potential patients are keen to know whether there are age restrictions for getting dental implants.

The simple answer is: NO. 

No specific age restriction exists, and implants can be placed at any age. However, there are some considerations to be made regarding the effectiveness of the treatment, which may depend on age and personal health.

To better understand why there are no age restrictions for dental implants, it helps to look at the procedure itself and the implications of age on it.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made from a titanium screw placed into the jawbone in place of a natural tooth root. This provides a sturdy and permanent base for the replacement tooth.

The implant is usually inserted into the jawbone where the natural root used to be and is held in place by a metal abutment that screws into the implant. This is part of the implant that the replacement tooth will attach to, allowing the replacement tooth to look, feel and function just like a real tooth.

Age Implications

The patient’s age is not the deciding factor in placing a dental implant, but it is an important consideration. As people age, they will inevitably experience changes in the bone. The jaw bone may deteriorate or shrink over time, making it more challenging to place an implant.

Therefore, patients who suffer bone deterioration may require bone grafting or other procedures to ensure the implant is placed properly and securely.

In addition to the physical changes, age can also be a factor in determining the patient’s overall health. Some medical conditions can make dental implant surgery riskier and, in some cases, increase the chances of complications.

Most patients of a suitable age for the procedure and who have healthy gums and bones should be able to have dental implants safely and effectively.

When Should Patients Get Dental Implants?

When considering dental implants, it is important to remember that a patient may be of an appropriate age for the procedure but may need more time to be ready for it. The best time to get dental implants is when a patient has good physical and mental health.

It is also important to consider the following points:

  • Are you comfortable with the risks associated with the procedure?
  • Are you able to follow proper aftercare instructions?
  • Is your jawbone strong enough to support the implant?
  • Have you had any changes to your mouth that could impact the success rate of the implant?
  • Are you psychologically ready to undergo the procedure?


Dental implants are a reliable and effective treatment for missing and damaged teeth. There is no specific age restriction for dental implants, but there are some considerations to be taken into account with regard to the success rate of the procedure. Furthermore, patients should be in good overall health before undergoing implant surgery.

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