Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a very popular treatment used to minimize, or partially reverse, skin changes due to the aging process. Fillers are appealing because they are a minimally invasive treatment that requires little to no downtime. They also offer more plausible and natural results than more dramatic procedures like facelifts.

Why visit a dentist for treatment with dermal fillers?

Although your dentist may not be the first person who comes to mind when you think about fillers, they are actually very well-suited to administer this type of treatment. Dentists perform more injections than almost any other type of medical professional. They have the ability to treat patients with dermal fillers in a very safe and effective way.

Dentists use dermal fillers to treat the lines that tend to appear around the mouth and lips due to a loss of facial volume. As the name suggests, dermal fillers can help “fill in” these lines and wrinkles that can give away your age.

Dermal Fillers Benefits

· Immediate results

· Natural looking

· Little to no downtime required

How It Works

There are a variety of dermal fillers available today, but the most popular type contains something called hyaluronic acid. If you use topical skin care products, you may already be familiar with this unique substance. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present within all soft tissues of the body, including the skin. Due to the aging process, your body produces less of it, and your skin suffers for it.

Hyaluronic acid has the unique property of drawing in moisture. In fact, it can actually draw in 1,000 times its own weight in water molecules. By injecting you with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, your dentist can help to restore the moisture and volume of your skin in the treated area. The result is fewer fine lines and wrinkles and a more youthful facial appearance.


Although dermal fillers offer immediate results, they are not permanent. Eventually, your body will absorb and metabolize the injected product. At that point, most patients schedule a follow-up treatment session to maintain their anti-aging results. The amount of time that dermal filler injections will last depends upon the ingredients and the specific product that you are being treated with.

Juvederm and Restylane

Juvederm and Restylane are two very popular brand names of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. They each work on somewhat different parts of the face, as well as lips, and contain hyaluronic acid and lidocaine. Lidocaine is an anesthetic that helps to ensure your comfort during the treatment process.