6 Tips To Help You Quickly Heal From Root Canal Therapy

patient getting a root canal therapy

Are you thinking about undergoing a root canal treatment? If so, be sure to consult with your dentist. They will tell you all that you need to know about it to ensure there is no surprise during the procedure. However, it still pays to do a little research by yourself, especially when it comes to knowing what you can do for a speedy recovery. Why is this important? The longer you take to heal, the more issues you may face, such as infections and pain. As such, getting your root healed quickly will ensure a successful procedure overall!

That said, here’s what you can do to heal quickly from root canal therapy:

1. Do Not Eat Right after the Procedure

After undergoing root canal therapy, you’ll be asked not to eat for about a half-hour, at least not until the numbness you have in your mouth has fully disappeared. Even after that, do be careful when you eat and avoid chewing or biting with the teeth that were worked on until all the tenderness has dissipated.

2. Gargle Your Mouth with Salted Warm Water

This is helpful in removing any bits of food or debris that would otherwise remain in your mouth that can cause bacterial buildup and cause an infection. Now, to do this properly, simply gargle once or twice a day with a warm salt water solution, then spit the solution.

3. Avoid Eating Anything Hot

It’s not a good idea to eat hot food. Why? This is because hot food can still cause discomfort as it will come in contact with the area where the root canal was completed. Also, it can cause the inflammation to get worse, so avoid anything hot.

4. Gently Brush the Area

If you want to brush your teeth, brush the area that was worked on very carefully. This is because it can still be tender, and brushing too hard can hurt your gums. So, take your time and do it slowly. However, do not avoid brushing the area, as brushing may be the only way to thoroughly clean the area. If you can, use a soft-bristled brush!

5. Try Cold Compression and Eat Cold Items

Cold compression can help with the inflammation and swelling of the gums. To do that, simply put some ice in a damp cloth and then use it to apply pressure to the gums of the tooth that was worked on. You can also eat items like ice cream for the cold, as it can keep the inflammation in check. However, just be sure to gargle after to ensure there are no bits of sugar or ice cream left behind.

6. Take a Break from Physical Labor

After the procedure, your dentist will instruct you not to take on any strenuous physical activities. For the first few days, at least, refrain from anything that may cause pressure on your teeth that were worked on. If you have to work, be sure to take a break during the day and let yourself rest. This can help control inflammation and even reduce the chances of infection.


While it’s true that root canal therapy is not an easy experience to go through, it’s important that you do so. Why? Because not taking care of a tooth that contains an infection can lead to more serious health issues in the long run. So, be sure to take care of your teeth, and you should have a healthier, happier mouth! If you do go through with your root canal therapy, be sure to apply the tips above to ensure a quick and effective healing process.

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