Sedation Dentistry: What to Know

Sedation dentistry is typically used to help people that have dental anxiety the dental care they need. But it can also offer benefits for other patients as well. Dr. Robert Gauthier of Sudbury Dental Arts, a dentist in Sudbury, MA, discusses sedation dentistry and its benefits.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is the practice of using medication to help calm patients so they can obtain the dental care they need. Nitrous oxide is typically available at dental offices. This is inhaled through the nose throughout the procedures, as it takes effect and the effect goes away quickly. You’ll feel relaxed throughout the procedure, but you’ll be alert enough to answer any questions from the dentist.

We also offer oral conscious sedation. This is given in a prescribed pill that you’ll take about an hour before your procedure. It’s a deeper level of sedation. You may fall asleep during the procedure or not be able to remember parts of it. Oral sedation can take a few hours or so to wear off, so you’ll need to have someone with you to drive you home.

Helping Dental Anxiety

The primary use of sedation dentistry is to help people that suffer from a fear of the dentist. This fear occurs on a spectrum. Patients may only have issues with things like the sound of a drill, or it can be as little as the environment of the office setting it off. In severe cases, people may avoid regular dental care. Without checkups to catch something early, more significant issues may develop with your smile.

Sedation allows patients with dental fear to both get regular dental checkups and to correct any serious dental issues that have formed. Multiple procedures can be performed in one sitting with sedation, meaning the patient with dental anxiety can make fewer visits to the office.

Other Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

There are many other patients that can benefit from sedation. Children that need more extensive procedures may not be able to sit still long enough on their own. This applies to people of all ages that have certain medical conditions as well. It’s important for the dental team to be able to do their work safely, so staying still is essential to make sure an injury doesn’t accidentally happen.

Sedation can help people that have a bad gag reflex as well. With a patient that has a gag reflex, it’s basically fighting back against the dentist trying to examine or clean the teeth. This makes it a difficult process for both dentists and patients. Sedation helps to relax that gag reflex so that the dental procedure can be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Sedation Dentistry at Your Sudbury, Massachusetts Dentist

Sedation dentistry can help to make your dental appointments go smoother. Call us or schedule an appointment online to get started.



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