Why to Choose Invisalign

Image of Invisalign aligners.

In the modern world, there are many different ways you can get a straighter smile. But there’s a good reason why many patients, dentists, and orthodontists choose Invisalign. The team at Sudbury Dental Arts, a dentist in Sudbury, MA, highlights why Invisalign is a great choice.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a teeth-straightening alternative to traditional braces for mild to moderate orthodontic concerns. Instead of metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses sets of clear plastic aligners to move your teeth into place. The plastic used is made to be thin enough that it’s comfortable to wear, but durable enough to handle daily use.

The Benefits of Invisalign

But why choose Invisalign over other methods? For starters, Invisalign is a lot less noticeable compared to metal braces. The aligners are fit perfectly to your smile and made of a clear, thin plastic. It can be hard for anyone to tell you’re wearing the aligners unless they’re specifically looking for them on your teeth.

Treatment with Invisalign is often a shorter process than braces. Typically, treatment times average around 6-18 months. You know exactly how long it’ll take beforehand because an Invisalign plan is laid out for you at the start. Patients with braces have to visit the office once a month to get the wires tightened. Since you change out aligners on your own, there are fewer visits you have to make to the office.

Though you have to wear the aligners around 22 hours a day, they are removable. With braces, you have new brackets and wires with small areas and new places for plaque and tartar to build up. You have to learn new techniques to make sure you’re cleaning your teeth properly. With Invisalign, you can follow your normal oral healthcare routine and clean the aligners separately.

Removable aligners also make eating while straightening your teeth convenient. Certain foods have to be removed from your diet because they can get stuck in your braces or break a wire. You don’t have to change your diet at all because you can remove aligners whenever you want to eat a meal or snack.

The Invisalign Process

As with any cosmetic procedure, you’ll first have a cosmetic dentistry consultation at our office. Most patients are eligible for Invisalign, but we want to make sure it’s suitable for you. If we find that your orthodontic issues are too severe for Invisalign, we can refer you to a local orthodontist for further treatment.

To move forward with Invisalign, we’ll take impressions of your teeth so that your aligners can be custom-made. Your dentist can tell you the number of aligner sets you’ll have for your treatment plan. Each set is worn for about two weeks. When you switch to a new one, it’s common to feel some pressure until your teeth adjust. A few checkups will be scheduled to make sure the treatment is going the way it’s supposed to.

Invisalign at Your Sudbury, Massachusetts Dentist

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