Why Would I Need A Tooth Extraction?

Despite tooth enamel’s reputation as being the strongest substance in the body, there are still situations where a tooth extraction is necessary. Sudbury Dental Arts is a Sudbury, MA dental office that only uses tooth extraction as a last resort when the natural tooth cannot be saved. Being informed about tooth extractions can help you prevent them or know what to expect if you’ve been told it was necessary.

Tooth Extraction is A Last Resort

No one wants to lose adult teeth, and dentists don’t like removing the natural teeth unless it is absolutely necessary. If conservative treatments have failed or your oral health is at risk, your dentist may recommend tooth extraction as a last resort.

Why Extract Adult Teeth?

There are many reasons a tooth may be removed. Sometimes teeth are removed to help treat malocclusion. This is when your bite lines up abnormally. Malocclusion can be the cause of many oral health problems, particularly TMJ disorders. An even bite that meets where it’s supposed to help to even out the pressure on your teeth when they close together. This lessens the chance of broken or cracked teeth.

If you’re experiencing severe tooth decay or have a tooth that’s been extremely damaged from trauma, the tooth may need to be removed. Teeth are also taken out when your teeth are overcrowded and causing problems with your day-to-day life.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Very few people are able to keep their wisdom teeth without issues into adulthood. Most patients need at least two of the four wisdom teeth removed, depending on the structure of their smile and if they are causing problems. Wisdom teeth can cause pain, overcrowding, and are even more likely to harbor bacteria and tooth decay due to their location in the back of the mouth.

Wisdom teeth can also get impacted in your jaw. This means that it’s at an odd angle and is stuck mostly under the gums, causing problems with your other teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth do not always become infected, but food particles and bacteria might penetrate the gums and cause an infection. Wisdom teeth are usually all removed at the same time through a surgical procedure. You’ll be sedated and the wisdom teeth will be removed before they cause too many problems.

Tooth Extraction in Sudbury, MA

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