Telltale Signs That Your Tooth Is Due for Extraction

xray of toothache

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth or teeth that have suffered irreparable damage. This is usually caused by trauma, decay, or disease. It is an invasive procedure and must be done by a qualified and experienced dentist.

If your tooth is severely damaged, it may need to be removed, and your dentist will recommend that you get a dental extraction. The dentist will advise you of the risks and the possible complications associated with dental extractions. The procedure can be pretty painful, and you need to know that it may take weeks for your teeth to recover.

If you don’t know whether you should get a tooth extraction or not, it is best to consult with a dentist for a second opinion.

Today, let’s go through some of the telltale signs that you’re in need of tooth extraction. Here’s what you need to know:

Overcrowded and Impacted Teeth

Teeth that are overcrowded, impacted, or rotated may need extracting. This is the case when they don’t have enough room to come into contact with each other properly. Ingesting an object that is too big may also cause your teeth to rotate, leading to extraction.

Your dentist will use dental pliers to grab the tooth and twist it to pull out these teeth. The process may be quick, but it can also be uncomfortable because you’ll feel the tooth pulled out.

Loose Teeth

If you have a tooth loosened up, it could signify that it will fall out. Your dentist may recommend tooth extraction because the tooth is not salvageable, or they may recommend a bridge or an implant to fix the tooth. If a tooth is loose, it’s best to visit your dentist as early as possible to prevent further damage to the tooth.

Cancerous Teeth

If you have a tooth that is severely infected, that indicates that there may be cancerous cells growing in it. A tooth that has a root canal treatment but never healed may also indicate the presence of cancer.

You may be advised to get a tooth extraction because the tooth is no longer viable or because the tooth’s cosmetic appearance is affected. On top of that, they will recommend that you get a dental extraction if the jaw is already affected by the growth of the tumor.

Periodontal Infections

If you have a tooth that is infected, it could mean that you have serious gum disease. The infection can spread to the bone and the surrounding tissues. If the infection has spread, your dentist may need to perform a tooth extraction.

It is essential to visit a dentist when you feel that a tooth is infected to prevent further complications. The dentist will assess the damaged tooth and determine if it needs to be extracted.

Physical Damages

If trauma has caused a tooth to experience a crack or a break, you may need to get it extracted. The dentist must examine whether or not it can be saved. If it cannot, your dentist may advise you to get a dental extraction.

The Bottom Line

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket. While it can be a simple process, you might want to consider it a last resort. A qualified person should do it. Extraction is essential when a tooth is too damaged to be salvaged or when it is infected.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms we mentioned above, we recommend that you visit a dentist to assess the damaged tooth and determine if it needs to be extracted. If you are not comfortable with your dentist’s suggestion, be sure to get a second opinion.

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